Why The Big Three in Florida Will Not Work

Why “The Big Three” in Florida Will Not Work

Miami, Florida is known for many things these days. For one, it happens to be one of the most populous cities in the nation. Furthermore, Miami’s large population includes one of the largest groups of Hispanics in the country, a fact at least partially attributed to the fact that Miami is very close to Cuba and some flee from Cuba to head to Miami, but Puerto Ricans are also a group largely represented in the southern metropolis. Something that many people do not know however, is that Miami is also famed for its commercial cleaning and office cleaning. However, whenever Miami has been in the news recently it is been because of sports because the local basketball team, the Miami Heat, has recently acquired one of the best collection of players in the league through free agency. Through this process Miami has gained the services of reigning two time league MVP Lebron James and Chris Bosh, while retaining the talents of fellow superstar Dwayne Wade. While fans in Miami are ready to celebrate and party at their new collection of talents there are a few reasons why it may not work out for the team or the individuals involved.

The first reason that the incredible array of talents in the city of Miami may not work is because of all the egos now on the team. Dwayne Wade is used to being the top player on the Miami team and the face of the franchise, but now that James and Bosh are on the team things may be a little different and it may be difficult for Wade in particular, but all of them to adjust to not being the only star player on their team. With each of them probably worried about how many times per game they get to touch the ball, there may not be enough basketballs on the court for Miami next season.

Another reason that the union of the three superstars in Miami may not completely work out is that Lebron James is essentially on a quest to be called one of the best players of all time. Since he came into the league people have been saying that he could be one of the best ever and so far his stats have shown this to be true, but the glaring thing missing from his metaphorical resume is a championship. While he could quite possibly win a championship or multiple titles in Miami, Lebron’s legacy as a player will be left tainted by the fact that he really could not do it on his own and had to join two other great players to make it. The idea of Lebron figuring this fact out in the next few years and bolting for another team is a definite possibility and would make the Miami project a failure.

Lastly, Miami’s revitalization may not work for the team because due to the fact that they had to sign three stars to massive contracts in order to get them, the Heat have very little money under the salary cap left to sign other players. As of now Miami does not even have a complete roster and they will have to fill in with people who are fairly untalented by NBA standards to fill out their team.

In the end, only time will tell if Miami and their three superstars can win championships together.