Advantages of Using a Proxy Server

In simple terms, a proxy is an intermediary between a client and a server that often acts as a safeguard. Through proxies, clients can also access information stored on various servers as well as being used for various other purposes. Although often compared to VPNs because they have more or less similar functions, proxies are also often used in general, the same as VPNs, proxies also offer free services. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a proxy, especially if you use a free service.

Proxy Server Advantages

The main reason for using a proxy server is that users can rely on its various features and can rely on its security assistance. Here are some other things if you use a proxy.

Maintain user anonymity

Proxies have been used mainly to mask IP addresses which from this way, any hacker trying to access your computer will not be able to find out your address. When they try to access your computer, they will go to the proxy instead of the real IP address. Also, the website will not be able to track you because the real IP address is hidden and in this way the proxy can provide anonymity to its users.

Provide protection to clients

While you are surfing the web, there are high chances that you end up visiting a malicious website. If you visit such sites, malware will sneak into your system causing permanent damage. There are also many untrusted sites that are specially created to hack the users who log into those sites which makes your information vulnerable. With the help of a proxy, your system will not make a direct request to the site but instead the proxy end will filter threats from the site. This is why a proxy will provide maximum protection from these types of suspicious sites. Agora is a recommendation for you if you want to use a cloud proxy.

Open blocked websites

Many site owners restrict their content and copyright laws so that not all visitors on the internet can access it. So for users who live outside the region who want to visit the site must use a proxy that works by hiding the IP address.

Control and block harmful content

Besides opening blocked websites, proxies can also do the opposite. Proxies can be used to restrict access to sites that have malicious and suspicious content. It’s no surprise that proxies are commonly used by parents to restrict inappropriate content in an effort to protect their children online.

Better performance

Some proxy services use cached data where after a user visits a website, the proxy will store all the necessary information through cached data. Therefore, when a user visits the same page, the page will be displayed faster. However this can only happen if the proxy has the required cached data from the website because otherwise the proxy needs to request it from the remote server.

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