Gatis Eglitis: The Visionary Behind EXANTE

Gatis Eglitis stands as a prominent figure in the financial world, known for his role as a co-founder and Executive Director of EXANTE, an investment broker with global reach, headquartered in Cyprus.

Educational Background and Early Career

Originating from Latvia, Gatis Eglitis holds a Bachelor of Science in International Economic Relations and a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Latvia. His quest for comprehensive business knowledge led him to obtain a second Master’s in Finance and Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School.

Before his venture into EXANTE, Eglitis honed his skills and was familiar with the financial markets through working SAXO Bank, a Danish investment bank renowned for its online trading and investment services. At SAXO, he gained valuable experience in institutional sales, relationship management, and business development, which later proved instrumental in the establishment of EXANTE.

The Inception of EXANTE

In 2011, Gatis Eglitis, along with Anatoliy Knyazev and Alexey Kirienko, launched EXANTE in Malta. The company, a global investment entity, provides seamless access to financial markets, offering trading and investment solutions focused on client needs. EXANTE was established with a mission to make investment services as readily available as information in the 21st century. The founders leveraged technology to enhance global connectivity, creating a platform that centralizes access to a vast array of financial instruments, delivering real-time market data to investors. For an in-depth understanding of EXANTE’s offerings, one can refer to the Exante review on, which provides detailed insights into the company’s services and customer experiences.

Initially, EXANTE stood as the sole provider of global market access for investors based in Malta. The company catered to a diverse clientele, including local and international investors, as well as equity-focused ones. Eglitis played a pivotal role in the company, serving on the investment and executive committee, and later ascending to the role of Managing Partner, where he oversaw business development and strategic planning.

Vision and Strategy

Eglitis envisioned EXANTE as a comprehensive solution for traders of all levels, including large hedge funds. He focused on competitive pricing, offering leverage, and providing access to unique trading tools to ensure optimal and personalized trading experiences. Moreover, he aimed to make EXANTE accessible to novice traders, emphasizing equal treatment for all clients, regardless of their trading volume. This approach led to a wide range of services, instruments, and a transparent business model that EXANTE is known for.

EXANTE’s Growth and Achievements

Under the leadership of Gatis Eglitis and his co-founders, EXANTE has evolved into a globally recognized broker, regulated by several top financial authorities including CySEC in Cyprus, MFSA in Malta, FCA in the UK, and SFC in Hong Kong. The company provides access to over 600,000 financial instruments across 50 markets worldwide through a single multi-currency account, enabling efficient portfolio diversification for its clients.

EXANTE’s trading platform stands out with its network of 1,100 servers worldwide, ensuring low latency and secure data transfer. The platform allows clients to trade a comprehensive product suite in global markets from a unified account and offers a demo account for skill enhancement and strategy testing.

As of 2024, EXANTE has been recognized with multiple industry awards for its innovation, user experience, and advanced trading functionalities. These accolades include being named the Best Trading and Investment Solution Provider in the UK by Gazet International Magazine, listings in the FTAdviser Diversity in Finance Awards, and an Investment Award for Seamless Trading Experience at the Broker Awards 2020.

Beyond Business: Eco-Friendly Advocacy

Beyond his professional achievements, Gatis Eglitis actively participates in panel discussions on finance and digital technology and advocates for eco-friendly and sustainable practices. He has led EXANTE in environmental initiatives, including planting over 250 trees and supporting the Anthony Mamo Oncology Center in Malta through various eco-projects.

In summary, Gatis Eglitis, through his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach, has not only founded a leading financial institution in EXANTE but also contributed significantly to the financial and technological landscapes, all while promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.