Personal Accounting Software in Review

Personal Accounting Software in Review

If you are looking to manage your finance, you can just sit in your home, get a pen and a paper or a spreadsheet and it will be everything you need at first. But soon, you will see things getting complicated, and it will be hard to keep an eye on your money. This is where you would need personal accounting software.

Personal finance software packages are not so expensive. Some of them are open source and come for free. These will do everything you want. The trick is to know what you want to do and then find the package that suits your needs.

Here is a review of some of the best personal accounting software available nowadays.

Turbo CASH

It is free open source software and a major accounting one. Although the system is completely secured, open-source information still are risky, even when it comes to accounting software. How could you feel comfortable with your account details with all these online pirates out there? It could happen that a hacker finds a way to capture your keystrokes in the program and finds out important information. Nobody would like to be in your place!

The problem is not in turbo itself, but in cash. Linux is open-source software, and a smaller number of attacks that are Microsoft! The argument is that open source is developed by the largest users base and a lot of people can come back as intruder to destroy the vulnerable parts of the program.

The user interface looks very old. We were happy in the 80s with clumsy interfaces, but are we now? We all would like an accounting program to be at first the best in terms of attraction. In summary, you can get Turbo Cash for free, and it is able to do what you want, although some users discovered a bug in the program.


It Includes Taxes calculation, which will help users work on their tax returns, at the first time. So, that makes people feeling a breeze. It will cost around $ 60 (A� 40) to download it. Even if it’s not the cheapest solution, but it gives you the possibility to choose the features you want, and display only what you need.

So, whether you need to work on your taxes or not, Quicken is the grandfather who claims to be easy for us. We have to do our finances, and we want to make it as simple as possible.

Personal Finances

You can have a trial by downloading the free version, and certainly you like the idea of providing accounting software for your home. You will find the program up-to-date, with curves, buttons and shadows, especially for those who have money and need something that feels comfortable working with; otherwise there is no need to bother yourself.

It’s a funny package that provides more than others. As a separate program, you can install the package on the flash drive (USB), and take it with you. It may seem practical, but in case you carry really important information in this drive, that will be a disaster if you lose it. After, it’s a too small device, and accidents happen.

You can pay $ 25 for a personal accounting software package or $ 75 which includes a “license to operate the web site” on the computer and USB flash drives. What makes this accounting program really interesting is the feature to compare what is in your bank account to the data you enter. This is a good feature to ensure that you have entered the correct information.

All the packages of personal accounting software available offer almost the same services and calculations. Some of them have extra features, but these do not make a big difference. What you should take into account when purchasing a package is the complexity of the application. The ideal software is supposed to be easy to install, simple to use, and you can quickly learn how to work with it.