How To Clean Offices

How To Clean Offices

Professional janitorial companies all follow a certain procedure when cleaning offices. You can too! This procedure or service is known as the routine cleaning.

It is done the same way in every office and consists of removing all trash, sweeping and mopping hard surface floors, dusting, vacuuming carpet, and cleaning the restrooms. The basic routine cleaning gets done the same way in every office.

The routine cleaning that takes place in offices does not include ovens or refrigerator and there are no beds or laundry to do either. Most offices close for the day at 5:00 PM and are not open on weekends. The routine cleaning can be done anytime during the evening hours. There are different types of cleaning services out there but office cleaning is the cream of the crop.

Routine cleaning is done on a regular basis in an air conditioned environment. How often an office gets cleaned depends on each customer and the size of their office or building. Offices are typically cleaned from one to five times a week.

The routine cleaning is best done in a circular pattern going from room to room and desk to desk following the perimeter of the office. This reduces the chance of overlooking something. Every desk in an office has a trash can next to it and the biggest mistake you can make is to miss emptying one of these trash cans. If you miss one trash can at one desk, someone will be very upset about it in the morning and you will hear about it. You may have done a very good job of cleaning, but overlooked a trash can or a big paper clip on the floor in the middle of the room that is very visible the next morning. For this reason it is best to perform the office cleaning in a pattern.

Do a quick walk through before leaving the office to check the work that has been done and check that each chair at each desk was put back where it belongs after the vacuuming was done.

Before you begin to clean any office, be sure to find out where they keep their paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels, and where the janitorial closet is located. Know where to find the thermostat, light switches, and trash can liners too. You’ll want two sizes of trash can liners. One size for the smaller trash cans and one large size to empty all the trash into. Knowing where things are located will save you lots of time before you actually start to clean.

Before cleaning the restrooms, restock the paper products and empty the trash. It is easy to overlook these two important things unless you get into the routine of checking them first. After that is done you can begin the actual cleaning. Every employee in the office, at some point in the day, sees the bathroom; so it is very important that the restrooms are cleaned meticulously. Mirrors, faucets, fixtures, and floors. These things combined together and the order in which they get done are all part of the routine cleaning.

Dusting should take place ahead of the vacuuming because as the dusting is getting done, small pieces of paper along with dust will typically end up on the carpet so the carpet should be vacuumed last. Following a procedure and routine will enable you to clean any office faster and more efficiently.

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