Dirty Office Carpets and Flooring and Illness – How They Are Linked and What It Means For Employers

Dirty Office Carpets and Flooring and Illness – How They Are Linked and What It Means For Employers

Unless businesses have a cleaning crew devoted to regularly scheduled cleaning the odds that the office is not as clean as it should be. Simply having an employee running a vacuum every night does not assure that the carpet is clean. Hidden and ground in dirt and allergens will not only create a dingy atmosphere, but can actually cause the staff to become ill.

The number of allergies which the public suffers from is on the rise. These allergies, which cause respiratory distress, can lead to a compromised immune system and create the perfect environment for communicable illnesses to flourish. Surprisingly much of the contaminants, pollen and irritants reside in the carpet and upholstery of every carpet and office chair throughout the workplace.

Every time an employee sits down or stands up, the fabric of the chair is disturbed which allows any allergens to become airborne. The worst area, however, is the carpeting. During the cooler seasons the risk of illness can increase as well as the dirt. Indoor air pollution is a major contributor to employees missing work.

Vacuums actually do not clean carpets, but merely remove much of the larger debris located at the surface of the carpet fibers. The beater bar on most vacuums is supposed to loosen trapped dirt in order for the vacuum to remove all of the dirt. In truth the vibration of the vacuum motor and the beater bar can actually cause the dust and dirt to be worked in deeper. The best solution is to have a professional cleaning performed.

Professional carpet cleaning services have a variety of methods at their disposal for specific types of carpeting. Berber carpets are very common in commercial, retail or corporate work offices due to the durability and longevity of the carpet compared to a high pile plush carpet. Cleaning methods for one type of weave will not work well on other types of weaves.

A professional floor maintenance company should be able to use the best methods of floor cleaning from deep steam cleaning to using dry chemical applications. The proper industrial cleaning equipment that the cleaning service companies possess are much costlier than the average rug cleaner which can be rented from an assortment of local retailers and will always perform better. The main advantage of utilizing a cleaning service is that the customer does not need to invest in expensive equipment and the maintenance cost which is required to keep that equipment in proper operating condition. In this highly indeterminate economy saving money is one of the high priorities of business.