4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Security Guard   

According to one nationwide study, almost 10% of businesses suffered from major crime or theft issues in 2016 alone. That study covered just over 1,000 businesses, however, so the actual annual estimate is likely much higher. The concept of running and operating a brick and mortar (B&M) business today can be a source of anxiety for the novice entrepreneur. But offline sales shadow online sales ten times over and offline business growth practically triples industry-wide online growth. Unlike online businesses, however, physical businesses often need a security expert to evaluate and improve their security plan for optimal future growth. Security guards are often part of that plan… even if theft hasn’t been an issue in the past. But why should you consider hiring a security guard for your business?

Human Deterrent to Crime

Serious crime actually begins long before that act is attempted. Scouting, planning, and adjusting to various weaknesses the business provides are all part of the game in high stakes theft. But even petty and recurring theft plans can take some serious planning. The last thing any successful business owner wants is to make crime easier on the behalf of potential criminals, but it’s not just external crime you have to consider. Employee theft costs American businesses over $50 billion annually. That’s definitely not pocket change. Signs, video, and structural elements are essential parts of the security package, but they have their limitations. A security guard, however, provides a human deterrent that can stop thieves in their tracks and/or redirect them to easier targets.

Improve Customer Service

Security guards can do a lot more than provide a warning to potential deviants. They can also improve customer and client satisfaction with your business as well. A security guard can limit access to off-limit or dangerous areas. The guard can provide directions to lost or confused customers so they can efficiently complete their transactions. And a security guard can provide a safe escort in a dim lit lot or to their mode of transportation. Such simple extras go a long toward customer contentment. And as every successful business owner knows, a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Increase Business Production and Productivity

Keeping a security guard on staff can help quell worries with customers and employees alike. Employees can work more efficiently and with more confidence in their own responsibilities without constantly spying on customers. Potential workplace dangers from outside sources are reduced with the additional human deterrent. Keeping a security guard on staff also makes a clear statement to customers and clients that you not only care enough about your business to ensure everyone’s safety but that your business is successful enough to incorporate that level of security as well.

Stop Potential Violence Or Destructive Behavior

Alcohol, medications and existing anger issues can create a turbulent environment for employees and customers… neither of which may be equipped or trained to handle the potential outburst or conflict. A well-trained security guard can recognize the threat, target the intruder, and remove them from the premises before the spark erupts into a flame. Ensuring altercations remain away from other customers and employees can help keep insurance claims and product destruction at a minimum while prioritizing safety and improving your bottom line via exceptional customer satisfaction. Contact a security expert when you’re ready to take your business success to the next level.