Important Aspects of Carpet Cleaning

Important Aspects of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets give a beautiful look to the house but maintaining them is not an easy job. Pets and kids make the carpet cleaning very difficult. Removal of stains, dirt and dust can be done more easily through modern ways as compared to the traditional ways which are quite tedious. Neat carpets look more elegant and are free of allergens and dirt. The carpets cleaned and maintained regularly are longer lasting then the poorly maintained ones.

Carpets Steam Cleaning or High pressure hot water extraction technique includes steps like preconditioning with an alkaline agent, cleaning with a brush or an automatic cleaning machine such as wand and removal of preconditioned with acetic acid. This process leads to perfect carpet cleaning compared to soaps. Extraction is done with hot water and the carpets are then dried using fans.

This industry is governed by Institute of Inspection, cleaning and restoration certification (IICRC). It is a nonprofit organization which sets standards for modern carpet cleaning.

Dry mat washing is done using a 98% biodegradable absorbent compound. This compound is spread over the carpet and then scrubbed. Another method of dry mat clean out is encapsulation; this method is now being taken up as an important tool of professional carpet cleaning. In this method the cleaning solution is applied by a brush applicator or sprayer. The soil and dirt particles become encapsulated into a dry residue. This residue is then immediately removed with the help of vacuum. This method improves the look of the carpet.

Another method of carpet cleaning uses Bonnet, an industrial machine which spreads cleaning agent mixed with club soda. As the mixture is only adsorbed, therefore lesser amount of water is required for the extraction. Wet carpet cleaning with the help of a shampoo is no more popular as it may affect the beauty and appearance of the carpet.

In the household, vacuum cleaners and vacuum pumps are normally used for carpet cleaning. The agents like oxalic acid, turpentine oil, ammonia and chloroform etc are used for removing the stains from the carpet.

Many carpet steam cleaning machines are available in the market which can be used for the household purposes for e.g. Hoover Steamvac plus Steam Cleaner, Bissel power steamer plus carpet cleaner, Bissel big green clean machine Steam Cleaner and Dirt devil easy steamer carpet extractor etc.

It is advised to hire professional to ensure proper maintenance of expensive carpets. Mats should be given for cleaning every 6 months as the household vacuum cleaners can remove dust only from the surface of the carpet. Popular professional carpet cleaning companies are bright light cleaning services, sears cleaning services and London carpet cleaners etc. Proper cleaning and maintenance of carpets adds to their elegance and gives a new look to the house.