Everyday Green Living Tips

Everyday Green Living Tips

With all the ecological problems worldwide, it is just wise to practice green living to help conserve our planet earth. The green tips below are only some of the things we can do everyday and make it our daily routine.

1. Turn off the tap. Yes, it’s easy and simple but most people usually forget it. Conserve water all the time and do not leave the water running when brushing your teeth or when rinsing your dishes. Be conscious on how you use water.

2. Reuse and recycle. Recycling is practical and very environmental. before disposing any material, think about on how you can reuse it. Be creative and help your own community. There are various recycling centers and for sure you can locate the nearest recycling facility in your area. You can even make money out from recycling.

3. Compost. Start backyard composting, and lessen your trash. Biodegradable wastes such as food left overs, tissue papers, and others can be good you don’t have a backyard, try using a small compost pot.

4. Buy local foods. Instead of patronizing the wasteful corporations, support our local farmers. You can greatly save your time and energy without having the trouble of driving just to buy in big stores or groceries.

5. Use baking Soda. This is definitely helpful for your home and office cleaning. It does not harm the environment unlike other chemical home cleaners.

6. Eat more vegetables and less meat. Reducing your meat consumption not only benefits your body but lessens your carbon footprint as well.