Commercial Cleaning – Will Your Premises Pass the White Glove Test?

Commercial Cleaning – Will Your Premises Pass the White Glove Test?

Commercial cleaning is an area that every business, large or small, should consider carefully. Cleaning a workplace must be a priority. Fresh clean workspaces not only benefit workers but they also impress customers and clients.

Worried About The Standard of Cleaning?

If your workplace cleaning is not up scratch chances are that staff and customers might also be affected. Staff morale can get down if they constantly feel their surroundings are not cared for. Plus there are bacteria that can spread and cause downtime.

Customers and clients will notice:

* Dust

* Smears on glass

* Dirt on floors

* Stained carpet

* Coffee mug rings on tables

* Unnecessary clutter

* Overflowing bins

* Smells

You can almost be assured that if you have concerns, others probably do also.

There are many reasons why businesses don’t look for a commercial cleaning service:

* Worried About Expense – a good service will probably save you money in the long run. By using the proper cleaning equipment they can be done in less time to a higher standard.

* Think Their Business Is Too Small – This simply isn’t true. Even one person running a business from a home office can benefit from professional cleaning routine. If you are holding client meetings in your home office show them you take your business seriously by a high standard of cleanliness.

* Have an existing cleaner – be brutally your cleaner really effective and consistent at having the workplace perfectly clean every day? The worst thing about the cleaner you might have had for years is complacency. Continually hiring and firing has a negative effect as well. Commercial cleaners will always ensure a cleaner is there at scheduled times and the cleaning is always completed to the same exacting standards.

* Other Staff Take Care Of Cleaning – this really is not an optimal way to clean a workplace. Staff who are employed in other areas generally resent cleaning. It can cause unrest if some clean more than others and may not see them available at all times for their regular position. Saving money in this way rarely works.

* You Clean Your Own Business Place – This probably the worst case scenario. If you are running a business you can’t expect to be able to clean your premises to a commercial standard regularly. There will always be times that you miss areas because of other commitments. Things that are missed begin to compound and the busier you get the more you think a quick go over will do. It won’t and this affects the performance of the business.

Cleanliness Checklist

Here are just some of the things that need to get done on a regular basis in a workplace with kitchen and bathroom facilities. There is a lot more to commercial cleaning than tidying up and a quick vacuum:

* Dust all surfaces both visible and hidden

* Wipe all surfaces not forgetting any IT equipment

* Clean all windows and glass

* Take particular notice of corners for cobwebs and dirt particles

* In and around window and door frames

* Door and draw handles

* Clean light fixtures

* Clean and disinfect toilet and bathroom basins and fixtures

* Clean kitchen sink and appliances

* Wipe over walls for any debris or food particles

* Polish all chrome fixtures

* Clean all floors, mop and vacuum, steam clean carpets if needed

This is by no means a thorough list, so you can see that even at a small workplace this is going to be time consuming on a daily basis. By all means get regular staff to wash up after themselves or keep their areas tidy, but leave the bulk of the intricate cleaning to a professional service.

Don’t Lose Business And Staff

A lack of cleanliness can lose business. A dirty workplace will deter customers from returning and new business from coming due to word of mouth. Here are the things to think about from a customer’s point of view.

* First impressions always count

* Keep your entry sparkling clean and inviting

* Think about the merchandise space the customer notices constantly

* Don’t forget the other place a customer might use, restrooms, fitting rooms, coffee facilities etc

Staff morale will be affected by a messy workplace. Show them you value what they do by providing a clean workplace every day. It will increase business productivity.