Things to Know About Creating the Ultimate Recreational Space

Having a space in your home for quality alone time or entertainment is great to have. Whether you view it as a study, private office or something more multi-purpose like a man cave or she shed, it’s great to have a room that you can steal away to hang out and refresh. There are some things you should know about getting your space together.

Planning Room Function

Now that you’ve decided to renovate a space to make your own, think carefully about its function. Are Maybe this room is a place to entertain friends for hanging out or watching the big game. In that case, you might consider adding or upgrading plumbing for a wet bar space, or installation of wiring and special fixture for a large TV show and a surround system.

Considering the Mood

In addition to considering room function, you should also take into account the types of moods you want to set. Lighting and light control are important elements for changing the vibe of a space. If the room has windows, be sure to include window treatments that can be adjusted to provide natural light and near full darkness. Dimmable lighting that can change color and/or color temperature can be adjusted to suit various room functions. Decorative touches like a custom fire pit screen can add some romance to your space.

Hiring Pros or DIY

As with any home renovations, you’ll have to consider whether to hire pros, do everything yourself or a combination of both. Be realistic about what you’re able to do and weigh that against the cost and time it would take a contractor. Some work like plumbing, electric work and certain installations are best left to professionals

Creating a space that’s for you and you alone, even for most of the time, is a fun endeavor. Thorough and thoughtful planning helps you realize the space that you want and need. Be smart about your budget, schedule and DIY abilities.