What to Look for in a Good Office Cleaning Service

What to Look for in a Good Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning is much more difficult than you can possibly imagine. You may not be emotionally attached to the cleaning and caring of the premises like in your own house, but you have to give a lot of attention to the other details because it reflects your personality and more importantly, will go a long way to reflect your ethics to your employees and your delegates. Therefore, you should choose office cleaners who will pay attention to their work and you do not have to go around looking whether they are doing their job properly, leaving your own, and work that is far more important. Here are some things that you should settle with the cleaners before you appoint them.

Fix the Working Days: You would of course fix the working days before hand but be strict regarding their maintaining the routine. If they are working three days a week, then they should remain fixed to their days and timing. Office cleaning should preferably be done in the morning, before the day’s work has started. If you do not check the timings initially, then chances are the entire schedule would go haywire and you would find your corridors being cleaned when you are heading for an important meeting in the conference room.

Cleaning Equipments: Some cleaning agencies bring in their own equipments while cleaning while some offices choose to provide their own tools from their own storeroom. The rates are fixed accordingly as naturally providing your own tools means cutting down on the costs to some extent. However, this would also mean that the outsiders would handle the equipments and the storeroom and so you should check with the security from time to time.

Lookout for Additional Services: Many office cleaners also provide with some extra services and at discount rates. Therefore, it would be profitable for you to avail these discounts. Then other services like carpet cleaning, garden weeding, window cleaning and other kinds of tougher jobs are provided by some agencies. You can also do your own research regarding who has the lower rates and then choose the cleaning agency accordingly. However, those who charge a bit higher are also better on their services and are more professional and it would be worth it to the pay the little extra money to keep your office absolutely clean and shining without a single thing to worry about.

You should of course also remember that they are also hardworking employees after all and you should not take undue advantage of being the employer. Do take care of their needs and requirements from time to time as you do with your other employees.