What Makes An Investor Pitch Deck Successful?

If you’re raising funds for your company, an impressive pitch deck is an essential tool in your fundraising arsenal. A great pitch deck piques the interest of potential investors and engages them in a discussion about your company, hopefully leading to an investment. When creating an investor pitch deck, you should ensure you have a few things. First, it is imperative to have a company mission statement. This statement should be used in your investor pitch deck and in email introductions to investors. It should be engaging enough to draw the attention of anyone who views it.

Layout Options

When creating an investor pitch deck, there are several different layout options. One option is to use general PowerPoint pitch deck templates. It will allow you to create various types of slides within the deck. Just remember to find one that is professional and does not distract from the content of your pitch.

Another option is to use a custom template. While this is the least expensive option, it does require more effort on the part of the founder. In addition to using a template, you can also choose a design tool to create a pitch deck from scratch. The main idea is to cover the most important points within a limited number of slides. For longer investor pitch decks, it’s a good idea to change up the layout options.

Proprietary Technology Slide

Proprietary technology is a critical component of a successful investor pitch deck. Investors want to know how big your market is. If your market is too small, VCs may pass on your startup. It’s also important to highlight your company’s competitive advantages, especially in the form of intellectual property (IP). In the Proprietary Technology slide, you should mention your competitors and emphasize how you differ.

Proof should be included to demonstrate that your product or technology works as advertised. It can come in the form of customer references, reports of lab testing, or a patent award. The key is to show investors that your technology works as promised.

Marketing Plan Slide

The marketing plan slide is vital to a successful investor pitch deck. This slide should explain your high-level activities and all the customer touch points. It should also discuss your financial picture, including your current “burn rate” and your proposed future “burn rate.” In addition, it should outline gross sales and expenses for the next three to five years. The bottom line is that investors want to know if your business model is scalable and profitable.

The third component of your marketing plan slide should highlight the real problem you are trying to solve. For example, if you have a business idea in the real estate industry, show the problem it has, and discuss the solution. Then, use examples of real solutions to the problem. It will increase the probability of attracting investors.

Invite Discussion

After viewing your pitch deck, your audience will undoubtedly have questions. Inviting a discussion is also a good thing. It enables you to sell your startup more effectively. Another reason why a video is a good choice for your pitch deck is communication. Video content opens up a channel of communication between the audience and the creator. Take advantage of this to entice potential investors.

Takeaway Message

The key takeaway message is a concise statement that sums up your company’s who, what, where, and why. It is your elevator pitch, value proposition, or mission statement. It should be your distillation of the broader value proposition at the beginning and end of your investor pitch deck. It can also be placed at a critical point midway through your pitch.

Investors look for both technical and commercial expertise, so be sure to highlight your team’s diversity. The absence of both will lower your credibility. In addition, it is important to highlight the backgrounds of your team. If they have some experience in the field, be sure to include the logos of previous employers. Also, make sure to use professional-looking pictures.