What It’s like Being a Woman of Color While Working in Tech

What would it be like to walk in the shoes of a professional in an arena where many people do not look like you, many people do not relate to you and many people do not understand what you secretly feel on the inside. This is the reality for a few select individuals in the tech space. Typically, these individuals are women of color working in a profession that still has a shortage of both female counterparts and people of color counterparts.

Imagine graduating from college with your degree in hand and feeling lost. This is the reality for many twenty-something-year-olds. Some of these people have fallen into the trap of graduating and having no clue what their next steps in life should be. The tech world is always hiring. Many of these new grads end up working in tech. Sometimes these people end up working as writers for the tech industry news.

What’s more, in the same way as other lost, people with these youthful spirits are always attempting to advance career wise. That is great that these new grads are looking to try out new careers and ultimately find their path in life. Working as an author in tech is not too hard of a job to get, but a woman of color would quickly find out there are not many other members of tech who identify with her.

Furthermore, the major tech companies are even a bit scare with diversity. Tech evolves in terms of its applications and discoveries. But in terms of its workforce, tech has stood pretty stagnant. Becoming a tech author allows for a person to truly research and learn about the tech world around them. This is one of the easiest ways to discover new tech startups. Frankly, it is one of the easiest ways to learn that a brown skinned tech professional is as rare as a tech company becoming a multi-billion-dollar organization.

A Women Business Coach can assist with any professional issues you may be having. Talking with one of these coaches could ease the issues you are having is different than many of your co-workers. These coaches work to make sure women are succeeding and being supporting in the business world.

Some of the best ways to become more comfortable working in an atmosphere that isn’t always inclusive is to lean on the support guidance of mentorship. It helps to have good relations with friends and families who can be comforting to you. Explain to them about your workplace environment. Be a proponent at your workplace for increased inclusivity. Try your hardest to encourage more women of color to boldly step into a tech setting.

The tech world can immensely evolve into a diverse sector for all people. Many women of color experience being not included as a tech professional. Sharing your story and working to make things more diverse is one of the best things you can do to have seen more diversity seep into the world of tech.