The Future of Automated Self-Parking Kiosk

Every person who owns a car knows how hard and troublesome it is when it comes to finding a parking spot. But it is the responsibility of the establishment owners to maintain order and organize their parking area; there are still a lot of people who can’t follow a simple rule (or rules) when it comes to proper parking.

There will always this one person who will park their vehicle in areas reserved for disabled people or in undesignated spots, creating problems in the lot. self-parking kiosk automation can solve this problem. With automated parking kiosks, vehicles can be appropriately managed by a computer in an orderly manner.

Automated self-parking kiosk features

Usually, these kiosks offer services to people in an organized, secure, fast and convenient manner. In establishments, buildings or offices with this type of technology, drivers will be greeted self-parking kiosks that can assist them in parking their vehicle.

You can see on the monitor display the available spots and you can pay for it. It allows people to know which parking spot will suit your needs where you can park your car safely. Listed below are other essential features you can get in using this technology.

Mobile access

Before going to the lot of any building or establishment that has this type of technology, you can access the platforms used in these kiosks and plan ahead of time where you will park. The platform is compatible with any mobile phone, and you can download their apps for your convenience. If there are any inquiries or problems, you can contact the building or establishment management through their application or their specified contact details.

Real-time customer support

Even when you are still in the process of finalizing the transactions you made with the platform, you can always talk to one of their real-time customer support agents or representatives. This technology features a live call center option that can help drivers with their questions or inquiries regarding their transactions and any related matters.

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Everything you want or need to know when it comes to the kiosk’s services, they have answers. You will never be blinded with the details in your transactions since the automated kiosks are very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is choose the thing that you wanted to know, and the technology will give you the complete outline. You can view all the details during the transaction or even after you leave the lot.

Online payment

You do not need to look for a pay station in the lot since you can pay your transactions through their apps. All you need to do is download their applications, and you can access their pay station in the palm of your hand. These types of applications can offer various payment methods that you can choose from and you can choose to receive your receipts through snail mail, email or a text message.

The future of automated self-parking kiosks

When you are talking about upgrades and developments, there are endless possibilities for upgrading this type of advance technology. Although these kiosks usually maintain order in every establishment’s lot, they can do more. They can offer a charging station for electric cars like Tesla or portable refueling gas stations for regular vehicles. Here are some of the things that you can expect from this technology in the future.

Incorporating AI or Artificial Intelligence

These devices can be operated by AI or artificial intelligence or robots top park your vehicles automatically. Artificial Intelligence-operated parking kiosks can save you a lot of time since you can leave your car and they will park it for you.

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This Artificial Intelligence would take care of parking your needs in their designated space in the establishment’s facility. These spaces would soon be a “No Human Zone” to prevent any accidents and fit more cars than traditional parking spaces can offer. It is possible since vehicles can be appropriately placed organized side by side and the doors will not be opened.

Not only that, the cars can be stacked like books on your bookshelf. Going towards automation, these kiosks can offer not only security for your beloved cars, but it can also provide convenience for the drivers. For example, you might get annoyed if looking for a safe spot in the facility will take a lot of time.

These parking kiosks will solve these types of issues by giving drivers a spot instantly, so you do not have to spend a lot of time circling the entire establishment. It can give you more time to do the things you intended to do. Not only that, spending less time in front of the steering wheel to look for a safe space means that you will save a lot of money when it comes to fuel consumption.

Advanced cybersecurity

While the technology’s possibilities are endless, there are still dangers like data corruption and system hacking, which can cause a lot of trouble in this type of industry. Improving the cybersecurity of the system is one of the biggest challenges the industry is facing right now. Although a lot of companies are starting or already started their studies on improving their system’s cybersecurity, there have been improvements on this side of the technology.

Some companies install 4G technology on their system to allow government officials, especially the users, to monitor their cars continuously, as well as the kiosk itself. Experts can’t know for sure what more development and improvements we can expect to make the system a lot more secured.