Realities of Summer You Always Forget

Despite each year that has passed, it seems like every single summer the general population is surprised:

  • It is so hot out!
  • The grass is so brown, can you believe it?
  • The bugs are much larger than they were last summer, I swear.

Perhaps the winter is so long that everybody forgets what summertime feels like, but in any case, remind yourself about the harsher realities of the summertime. The season creeps closer every day, so don’t let yourself get caught off guard.

Bug Season is Upon Us

Mysterious bites are cropping up all over your body, and Fido is itching suspiciously. What’s biting you? Well, depending on where you live, it might be a lot of things.

  • Fleas and ticks start to make themselves better known in the summertime. Get a head start on preventing an infestation by bathing your dog on a regular basis, especially after a day of hiking or swimming. Visit VPD for dog shampoo online.
  • Unwelcome guests like ants, mosquitos and flies tend to crash barbecues in the warmer weather. Light citronella candles or pass around the bottle of bug spray. If you have a place to do so, install mosquito netting around your gathering spot.
  • Keep your home free of crumbs, food debris, standing water and unemptied trash. Why? Because cockroaches thrive on a moist, unclean environment and are eager to move in. Yummy.

It Gets Hot. Like, Really Hot

Yes, it’s true: it gets hot in the United States during the summertime. That being said, perhaps you will follow some tips for beating the heat.

  • If you have the funds, look into having central AC installed in your home. It is no small expense and takes a lot of time, but if the summer heat makes you miserable, it might be worth it.
  • Bring out your inner child and invest in a good sprinkler system. Yes, the adult side of you can say it’s practical for keeping the lawn fresh, but you know that you really bought it to jump through. Don’t be ashamed, using it for two purposes!
  • Have plenty of chilled drinks ready when the temperatures start to peak. Make plenty of iced tea to drink and buy (or make) popsicles.
  • The last thing you want to do when it’s cresting 80 degrees is turn on the oven, so utilize your Crockpot to cook a hearty meal without overheating the house.

The Sun is Out Until Late

Remember that unsettling feeling when you were in elementary school and your parents made you go to bed in the summertime when the sun was still up? It doesn’t really go away as an adult; the difference is that you know the repercussions if you don’t get to bed on time! Help yourself get to sleep faster if the late sunshine is throwing you off.

  • Buy a set of blackout curtains. They’re a little more expensive than regular curtains, but they do a fantastic job of blacking out the sun from windows. Since these really are a great tool for trying to get good sleep during strange hours, the price is worth it.
  • Tea is a bedtime ritual enjoyed by all cultures all over the world, so partake by drinking a cup of herbal tea before going to bed. It might relax you enough to go to sleep.
  • If your state allows it, try marijuana to help you catch some Zs. There are a number of ways it can be ingested (it can even be steeped in tea), so it does not necessarily need to be smoked.

Summertime’s grand entrance and abrupt finale make the finer details of the season hard to remember. Remind yourself of summer’s realities so that you aren’t surprised when it rolls around again.