Office Cleaning Business Advertising Methods

Office Cleaning Business Advertising Methods

The most effective way of gaining customers in the office cleaning business is through referrals as this method involves absolutely no client acquisition costs. It is hard to live off ‘word of mouth’ marketing alone though. For this reason it is important that you have regular advertising campaigns in place to gain clients as you are starting out so that you keep a steady stream of new inquiries coming in over time.

In the article we look at a number of office cleaning business advertising methods and we set out some tips on planning campaigns.

Big Budget Options

With office cleaning being a localized industry you only want to target local people with your advertising campaigns. Big media options like television are basically out of the question for independent operators. Local radio and newspaper advertising are some of the big budget options that you could try but they are usually out of the budget range that new market entrants can afford.

Your Business Website

Once you have a good website up there are so many ways to promote it online. However, for this article I will stick mostly with offline advertising methods.

Vehicle Advertising

Don’t neglect this one as it offers a way of getting some great exposure in your community for free. Once you pay for the initial expense of having magnetic signs made or a vehicle wrap applied to your business vehicle you have many years of free exposure to look forward to.

Local Business Directories

An advertisement in the Yellow Pages can be expensive but it is often the first place that people look when they need a cleaning service.

Think Outside the Box

Borrow ideas from other service industry businesses in your area. Get together with some similar businesses and compare ideas. Look at how you could work together to do joint advertising promotions in a way that allows you to split the costs.

You should test out many different advertising methods and you should always try to track your results to isolate the methods that are cost effective and bringing in results.

A great way to start getting ideas is to look at what your competitors are doing. If they have been around for a few years then it is likely that they have tested many advertising methods and are sticking with the winners only.

Always keep in mind that you may have to run an ad over a long period of time for it to be effective. If people see it over and over again you will sink into their subconscious mind and they will remember your ad when they need an office cleaning business.

Successful advertising should be the foundation of your office cleaning business marketing efforts. Advertising, when done properly will ensure that your phone is always ringing and that you have the volume of leads that you need to be signing up a regular stream of new customers.