How to Find a Great Cleaning Service for Your Business

How to Find a Great Cleaning Service for Your Business

Impressions are everything and having fresh and clean premises depends on getting really good cleaners to take care of it.

Unfortunately the satisfaction level with cleaning contractors is often low. To avoid continual problems you need to know what to look for before you engage a cleaning company.

Here are a few tips which may help you to find a really good commercial cleaners who will provide you with regular high quality service.

1 When you make a general inquiry, notice how you are dealt with on the phone.

Are the office staff professional and friendly. Ask a few questions

2. Inquire about other jobs the company is currently doing. Ask for written testimonials or contact numbers if they are available. If the cleaning business is reluctant to do this you may want to look elsewhere

3. Ask anyone in your business network if they currently use a cleaner and what they think of the service they are getting. If you go to business social meetings there may be a cleaning contractor amongst the group.

4.Make two or three appointments and request quotes. Look over the details of the tenders provided and then get back to the companies and ask them questions like how they supervise their staff and how they deal with complaints from clients.

5 Don’t base your final decision on price alone. A lot of cleaners will put in a low bid just to win a job. The result is that you will be constantly bombarded with complaints from your staff. Look for value and dependable service to get your premises looking good all the time.