How to Create a Harmonious Work Place

How to Create a Harmonious Work Place

There are many aspects to consider when aiming to achieve a harmonious work environment. Of course there are obvious elements such cleanliness, practical efficiency and style but what about things like furniture arrangement and feng shui? There are some commercial cleaning companies that offer services such as these. So be a selective and discerning client and seek out help from professionals to ensure you get the most out of your cleaning company and achieve the best results for your work place.

Everyone knows what furniture arrangement is, and how it can help the layout of an office, but not everyone has heard of feng shui. Pronounced ‘fung-shway’, it is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics used to improve life by applying the laws of ‘heaven and earth’. These traditional Chinese laws are applied by arranging furniture and even structural elements of a space or building to attract positive forces.

Relying on techniques that relate to astrology or magnetics, feng-shui is a practice that takes many years of study to understand and apply. It can help your business by being used to create a more harmonious and even more productive environment.

Fung-shui can align life forces to create a positive, productive and successful energy flow. By employing the skills of a feng-shui practitioner a company can first of all detect any negative energy flows and then correct them. They can be corrected by the arranging of furniture to specific rules and by the introduction and correct placement of mirrors and other designated items that can be decorative and add an element of style to your office.

Some Dos and Don’ts for Office Feng Shui are:

A� DO sit in a corner furthest from the entrance to achieve the ‘command position’.

A� DO keep your back towards the wall for support.

A� DO sit with a tall building behind you to provide the support of a ‘mountain’ if your back is to a window.

A� DON’T sit in line with the door, as you will be in the path of negative energy.

A� DON’T face away from the door if you are conducting business, it is essentially ‘turning your back’ on the symbolic entrance of business.

A� DON’T arrange your workspace so that you look straight out into a corridor or see the stairs, storage rooms, closets, elevators or toilets.

Fung-shui practitioners are often able to consult on the other aspects of creating a harmonious workspace. They can assist with things like colour choice for walls and decor, what kind and where to place indoor plants and greenery, what kind and where to place art on the walls. Drawing upon a variety of practices and aesthetic fields of knowledge they will be able to create a working environment that will make your staff feel good at work and enable a positive, productive work flow. Along with feng-shui and design consideration of course office cleaning and general maintenance is an essential component of creating a harmonious work environment.