How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company For Your Home or Office

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company For Your Home or Office

If you are a busy owner or manager of the company, school principal or home owner at some point you will realize that you need to outsource some of the cleaning tasks to the outside cleaning company. You will find a lot of cleaning companies around but it is important to choose the right one from the first time.

Let’s say you are looking for a cleaning company that will come in to clean your office five days per week. In this case, first thing you need to do is invite representatives of the cleaning companies to your office, show them the building and explain them what you want. Then set a time to meet with them again so you can get quotes, cleaning specifications and ask them the right questions. Many business owners and managers look and base their decisions on numbers only. But choosing the lowest bidder very often means that you are choosing the service of the lowest quality. So in order to avoid your future devastating experience, make sure that you not only look at the numbers, but ask the right questions.

First of all ask representatives of the cleaning companies how they got their numbers. Are their prices based on the amount of time the cleaners will spend in your building? Remember that nationwide custodians are able to clean from 2500 to 3000 square feet per hour.

The next question you should ask is whether you need to sign a contract and what are the procedures for cancelling it in case you are not satisfied with the cleaning services you receive. In the cleaning industry it is common that either party may terminate the contract by providing 30 days prior written notice to the other party. But some companies get tricky. Make sure that you have 30 days cancellation clause in you contract.

Always ask how long the cleaning company has been in business and how much experience they have in the cleaning field. Many cleaning companies will tell you that they are in business since Mayflower reached the shore of Plymouth, but the best way to check this is to ask them for references from their customers, call their customers and find out the real truth.

Also you should always think about what kind of services you will need in the future. You always want to make sure that the cleaning company you choose can provide full range of cleaning services because you don’t want to hire company A for carpet cleaning, company B for waxing VCT floor and company C for window cleaning in the future. Another very important question is how does the cleaning company handle the complaints? And this is where a lot of cleaning companies fail. Make sure that they will fix any issues related to the cleaning services in 24 hours and get their promise to do so in writing.

The last but definitely not least is making sure that your cleaning service provider is insured and bonded. Then there are a lot of addition benefits that cleaning companies can provide to you. Some of them will take care of tracking and delivering paper products, trash bags, air fresheners and other consumables that you need in order to operate your business. Also you may find out that a cleaning company has 24 hours emergency support which is really great. So in case the roof in your building starts leaking and you get water all over the carpet you know that there are guys just one phone call away that can come in immediately, extract the water from carpet and dry it so the traffic can resume as soon as possible.

After you get positive answers to the questions mentioned above you can be sure that you are dealing with the right company that will be an added benefit to your company, home or organization.