High Quality Office Cleaning Starts With Adequate Training

High Quality Office Cleaning Starts With Adequate Training

The UK commercial cleaning market has become ever so competitive with hundreds, maybe thousands of cleaning companies operating throughout the land. Proof to that is by doing a simple search on Google maps for office cleaning services in central London and you get hundreds of results. So how to determine which one is the most efficient out of them all?

Like in any trade adequate training is what differs professionals from amateurs. But I’m not only talking about training to become a qualified professional I’m also referring to continuous training to keep employees up to date with the latest trends and techniques of the trade.

With office cleaning services its exactly the same, companies that conduct continuous training with their employees tend to offer higher quality services for the simple fact that increased skills associated with the cleaners experience results in quicker and more efficient services.

Misinformed are those who think you don’t need training to operate a simple broom or to clean a carpet. Well I have to agree that there are no secrets to sweeping a floor but office cleaning goes way beyond that.

Did you know that are Health and Safety procedures for Office Cleaning and a risk assessment must be done before any cleaning job can start?

Each type of floor must be cleaned in a certain way. Ceramic tilling must not be cleaned with harsh abrasive cleaners; vinyl floors require special attention and special products. To clean carpets is whole new science; each stain must cleaned in way with a different chemical.

Speaking of chemicals that is another area that needs special attention. All cleaners must be trained to handle the products they work with for two simple reasons. First to avoid accidents like the one that happened in a McDonald’s restaurant in late 2010, when an employee was left partially blind due to the use of an acid-based cleaner. Second, so they don’t use the wrong product on the wrong surface.

Another type of training that must be conducted with office cleaners is personal relationship. Nobody likes a grumpy cleaner that goes around in a bad mood without talking to anyone. Most of the time, office cleaning services are carried out in non-working hours but if the service is done during office working hours the office cleaner must be polite and always try to have an smile on his or her face.

Commercial cleaning companies that offer periodical training to its employees tend to provide quicker and more efficient cleaning services than those who simply ignore it.

As you can see commercial cleaning goes way beyond the broom and wet cloth and the best companies are those who are up to date with the latest trends of the trade.

Do you offer periodical training for your cleaners?