Four Appealing Traits of a Successful Janitorial Service

Four Appealing Traits of a Successful Janitorial Service

The day that Jake Williams ran into his old friend from school and found that he too was in need of a job was the day that he first thought of forming an office cleaning company. He had been racking his brain and trying to come up with something that would not take too much of an initial investment but would rely instead on hard work and discipline. Jake knew that he had that kind of fortitude and was willing to bet that his friend Pete did also. The tricky part was that he had to schedule everything around his college classes and he had to offer a superior finished product in order to gain customers who would contract with him. Jake found that he had good luck getting companies to use his janitorial services because he became so enthused when he would describe what he could do to make their offices shine. As the company took on more and more clients, Jake and Pete found that they were becoming successful and they decided to make it a full time business with college classes postponed to sometime in the future. They both agreed that they needed to take advantage of the client base they had built up immediately to tap into what they both considered a bright future. Many of their customers listed these reasons for contracting with them:

• Promptness – When Jake scheduled with a company he made sure that he and Pete were there exactly when they said they would be. Businesses especially like to have workplace areas cleaned at night so that everything is ready to go when their employees arrive in the morning so they found that much of their work was scheduled during the overnight hours and they were prompt and efficient in their work.

• Superior finished product – Jake and Pete actually asked a retired former owner of a business such as they wanted to start to train them on a paid basis. Following his direction, they became skilled learning the best methods to use and the most fitting equipment for each job. When they actually started working for their clients, this experience was absolutely invaluable. It prompted them to truly give attention to detail while performing their job and gave them confidence in their abilities.

• Reasonable rates – Knowing that businesses become successful when they can gain a loyal following, Jake and Pete concentrated on providing good work for a reasonable rate. They offered discounts for long term commitments to use their company and tried to rely on word of mouth recommendations to build the company reputation. They also offered an option for payment either weekly, monthly or even annually depending on the preference of the client.

• Flexibility on company preferences – As businesses grow or change direction it is sometimes necessary to revise whatever schedules or clean-up routines have been agreed upon. Jake and Pete made it a priority to remain as flexible as possible to better accommodate their customers and they found it was greatly appreciated.