Do the Cleaning Rags You Use at Work Really Matter?

Whether you own an automotive shop or a restaurant, chances are you’re going to make a mess from time to time. You might think cleaning it up is as simple as grabbing the nearest old rag, but the truth is that different types of cleaning cloths wholesale are made for different types of messages. Are you sure you’re using one that can do the job?

Consider the Work Environment

What type of environment do you work in? A large production area can handle a large, easy-to-find box of rags, especially if it goes through them a lot. However, if you work in a restaurant or another business where customers will sometimes see your work area, a large box of rags looks unprofessional. In these cases, consider smaller wipes, vending machine-style storage areas, and so on.

Think About What You’ll Be Cleaning Up

Do the spills in your work area require lots of rags or just one or two per job? Are you cleaning up oil or thinner liquids, like water or spilled soda? Will they be used on the floor or on counters? All these factors determine the type of wipers or towels you’ll need, how many you should stock at a time, and so on.

Know the Different Options

Some cleaning rags, such as durable microfiber wipes, can be washed and reused. Others, like paper towels, should be thrown away after one use. Meltblown wipers are good if you need to leave almost no trace of lint or must clean up corrosive liquids. There are dozens of types of rags, so some business owners choose to gather a variety of them to meet different needs.

No matter what type of business you run and how many rags you need for your daily operations, ensure you purchase them from a reputable manufacturer. Look for one that has good reviews and offers a variety of supplies to best meet your needs.