A Review of ‘Clean Up the Profits’ by Sam Rodman

A Review of ‘Clean Up the Profits’ by Sam Rodman

An office cleaning business is relatively easy to set up and beginners can get started for reasonably low startup costs. Other great things about this industry are its sheer size and the fact that it is reasonably insulated from recessions. An office cleaning business can also be run from your home.

Many cleaning businesses end up closing within the first year as the owners lacked the knowledge and direction to make their goals come to life. A good guide or startup kit will give you everything that you need to get started the right way and succeed.

Sam Rodman is a cleaning business owner who has put together a product called Clean Up The Profits. The following article is a review of this guide which is also known as the Instant Office Cleaning Kit.

You can read about Sam Rodman’s incredible success in the office cleaning industry on his website. The story behind the establishment and development of his Florida cleaning company is quite surprising and inspirational at the same time.

This course is definitely a comprehensive source of information. Looking through the content some of the chapter titles that stand out include how to begin with little or no money, clients, references, insurance information, equipment and billing. And that is just a small sample.

The marketing information shared in the guide is superb. Rodman outlines methods for advertising on a budget and lead generation that will bring in the business that you need to thrive.

A well written cleaning agreement should set out to reassure clients as well as including clauses that protect the business owner. It takes two to make a deal and the professionalism of your agreement will go a long way towards ensuring that you close the deal on prospects. A model agreement is included with ‘Clean Up The Profits’.

The kit currently comes with a number of free gifts that are all relevant to the office cleaning business and you can find details of these on the site.

Public opinion toward this product is all positive. We were unable to find any negative reviews online and Rodman’s website is full of glowing testimonials, including some from people already enjoying success in the cleaning industry.

Clean Up The Profits currently comes with a money back guarantee so you can try it first and see if the information contained within it is valuable to you. It is one of the few ‘first class’ products available online in the office cleaning niche and I highly recommend it to you.