3 Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Pool Table

Many people love to spend recreation time playing pool. As a result, tables feature prominently in restaurants, bars, lounges and residences, enticing young and old players. However, a poorly maintained table lessens the players’ enjoyment, negatively impacting the game. Consequently, you will want to spend a bit of time routinely cleaning your table. By focusing on three aspects of pool maintenance, you can always ensure that your pool table looks great and responds as it should in the heat of a game.

1. Protect the Felt

The felt top surface of the pool table needs routine maintenance so that your game does not suffer. In addition, dirty felt can damage the pool balls, inhibiting the balls from rolling smoothly on the table’s surface. For these reasons, many pool table owners choose to cover the table after use to prevent dust build-up on the felt. To help remove chalk dust and indentations from ball pressure on the felt, you can brush the felt with a soft-bristle brush designed for the purpose, or use a vacuum’s soft brush attachment and low setting to get into the corners and crevices to remove dust and grime. If you own a table in poor shape, consider utilizing a professional Raleigh billiards service to maintain and repair your table so that you can enjoy it once again.

2. Exterior Care

The wooden cabinets of pool tables and the pockets benefit from regular care. You can use a gentle wood polish to shine the wood. Furthermore, occasionally applying a small amount of mild leather cleaner to the outside of the pockets helps prevent leather cracks.

3. Maintain accessories

Keep the pool balls clean by wiping them with a damp cloth, or for more stubborn dirt, give a soap and water wash. In addition, wipe down the pool cue shaft and store it in a case to help prolong its useful life.

Your pool table will always be ready for your next game by following these three tips. Moreover, a professional billiards maintenance service can provide the extra care your favorite table deserves.