How On-Site Plastic Processing Benefits Companies

Manufacturing companies handling plastics often produce waste plastic ill-fitted for the equipment used and products produced in that facility. This waste plastic is hauled away by third-party partners for processing into forms used in multiple industries. For instance, the waste plastic removed from mold lines from food containers can be pulverized or extruded into the plastic used to manufacture grocery bags. Moving this processing on-site can benefit companies by lowering disposal costs and providing new revenue streams.

Lower Disposal Costs

The costs of processing equipment can quickly be offset with lower disposal costs, especially if you find new or quality refurbished. With the right plastic process equipment Phoenix AZ partners, you can skip the middleman by converting your plastic waste into powders used by multiple industries. Using in-house materials handling processes as much as possible reduces the cost of waste disposal, processing and removal. Some processing equipment can convert your plastic waste into a form you can use again in the same machinery or on different product lines. Reusing materials in this way further reduces costs by lowering the tonnage of raw materials you need to purchase and increasing the efficiency of your systems.

New Revenue Streams

Once you have the plastic machinery required to process materials on-site, you can work with companies in the same industry or others that need pulverized plastics for manufacturing to open new revenue streams. In this model, your plastic waste is processed in-house and then sold to another company. You can also open new revenue streams by adding product lines that use this processed plastic waste, increasing the efficiency of your processes.

By moving the pulverizing and processing of your waste plastic to an in-house system, you can reduce your disposal costs while opening new revenue streams for your business. Plastic machinery companies can help you design, install and maintain these systems for savings far into the future.