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Cleaning Inc

Commercial cleaning is a growth industry. The demand for commercial cleaning services is steadily increasing and it has grown to well over A�100 billion yearly worldwide. Since the demand still outweighs the supply, the industry is projected to expand even more this decade, making it an attractive new business venture for many, even in the midst of the slowly-recovering economy. The industry is considered “recession-proof” by many economists and is a quite stable opportunity in the midst of somewhat bleak economic times.

Office and commercial buildings, medical centers and hospitals, banks, manufacturing facilities, retail stores – all need commercial cleaning services and for hard-working entrepreneurs, this field offers many opportunities. The hours are a bit different than normal because the work is typically performed when businesses are closed, but for some people this may be an advantage. Many people enjoy working odd hours and don’t mind being “night-owls” at all. Many a savvy student has paid for their education working nights as a janitor and some people really enjoy the relative solitude compared to a busy daytime job where you spend your working hours surrounded by people you wouldn’t necessarily choose to hang out with.

There are many different levels of size and focus among commercial cleaning firms. From specialized services like escalator-cleaning, to small general janitorial firms, there are a host of opportunities in this growing field. After builders cleaning services are another facet of commercial cleaning. For large scale building sites to home renovation projects there is a niche market available for the entrepreneur or the job-seeker looking to take advantage of the commercial cleaning boom.

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After builders cleaning is a field where a new business can start small, specializing in home renovation clean-up at first, and then build up to larger capacity as expertise and available capital grows. Whether you’re starting a small janitorial service, a large scale commercial cleaning service or a company that specializes in after builders cleaning London is a great place to make the opportunity a reality. If you’re just looking for a job outside of the daily 9 to 5 time-slot, a position in the commercial cleaning industry may be the answer for you as well