Air Filtration and What you Need to Know

With all the chemicals that manufacturers use today filtration is very important. When air is not filtered correctly, it releases gases and other chemical pollutants into the air. This poses health risks not only to employees who work in the facility but to those who live nearby. OSHA has regulations regarding the use of air filtrations. It depends upon the industry type and what chemicals are being released? Should the manufacturer not follow the rules and regulations they are subject to penalties such as a lawsuit and OSHA fines?

Even without OSHA regulations helping to keep the air clean for employees, customers and those who live nearby shows that the company cares about the wellbeing of people. It is important that there be ongoing research. since materials are being manufactured every day, it is important to know how these new materials emit chemicals and what chemicals are being released. All new air filtration pennsylvania systems are being made almost every day.

The most important thing to check when looking at air filtration systems is that they make it to remove the chemicals that your company create. Not only does it need to remove the correct chemicals it needs to be the right size and type for indoor space that you have. So, it should adhere to the following;

  1. Amount of area the commercial air filter needs to clean
  2. What types of chemicals the company is polluting the air with
  3. The amount of pollution that occurs
  4. What kind of air filter you need, such as portable or one that is attached to the duct system

If your manufacturing process only creates dust, then you need a heating ventilation air conditioning system HVAC with a commercial high-efficiency particulate assistance or HEPA filter. If your process creates chemicals, you will need a granular activated carbon filtering system. Then you have the right carbon, one that absorbs the chemical pollutants that your process emits.

It is recommended that industries use both a high-efficiency particulate assistance air filter system that it come with a carbon purification system. This is because most industries create more than one type of pollutant. OSHA requires that the motor be able to cycle the air flow six times per hour. If you are unsure about what it required, you can contact OSHA laws for your state and particular commercial situation.

Air filtration is very important to keep people healthy. This includes employees, customers, the salespeople who enter the company and those who live nearby. Therefore, do your research and not waste money on buying one that does not get the job done correctly. Do your research and buy the best one for your company.

You want to purchase your air filter system from a company that has a good reputation and offers a warranty. When a company offers a warranty that shows they stand behind their products. They will work with you to find the air filtration system correct for you.