3 Types of Gold You Can Sell for Cash

When money gets tight, the time may come where you’ll have to part with items you no longer use or aren’t your style. Fortunately,¬†cash for gold Springfield MA¬†will pay top dollar for your gold items, giving you immediate access to the funds you may need for other things. There are three types of gold that people commonly sell, including:

1. Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is perhaps the most common type of gold for jewelry, and it’s what most people have in their wedding bands. Yellow gold is a naturally occurring material, and it’s actually the purest form of the metal. When it’s made into jewelry, it’s usually combined with other metals like zinc and copper.

2. White Gold

White gold is also real gold, but it is typically combined with other metals that give it a white color. These other metals may include palladium, silver, or nickel. Some white gold also contains rhodium, which is a silvery metal that adds more durability to the ring.

3. Rose Gold

Rose gold pieces tend to have at least 25% copper, which gives the piece a more pinkish hue. Rose gold has significantly increased in popularity in recent years.

How Is Gold Purity Measured?

To determine how much pure gold is in a piece, you’ll have to look at the karat number. If a piece is 24 karat gold, that means it is 100% pure gold. If it’s 18, on the other hand, it’s made up of 2/3 pure gold and 1/3 other metals. This is true no matter if you’re looking at yellow, white, or rose gold.

If you’re ready to sell some of your pieces to make quick cash, the gold expert will inspect the pieces and can tell you which type of gold you have and how many karats your jewelry is before you decide to sell.